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Do you suffer from depression, anxiety, frustration or despair?

Do you have emotional and or relationship difficulties?

Why continue to suffer alone ?

About Lina

Preparing Doctorate on “The Effect of Raising Awareness & Self-Knowledge on Empowering and Happiness”

Through her work-Lina seeks to support people in achieving the Union between personal and public awareness, strengthening peace of mind
and psychological wellbeing; the basis of stable and dignified life.

Counselling in Arabic or English

Continuity of communication wherever you through are; personal interview, phone or via SKYPE

16 years of experience in the field of empowerment and capacity-building through personal counselling, couple and group work.

For a personal interview or over the phone or via SKYPE

MBPsS, BSc Psy Hon, BA Eng Lang, CertCounsPsy, Qualifying DCounsPsy,
Trauma Therapy Specialist